Sydney Eyre


  • What can I say about my classes? I like to leave it to my AMAZING Bikergang for that feedback - you can expect a feel good, energizing, empowering class! I strive to set an inclusive atmosphere, catering to both beginner and advanced riders, it will always be achievable for your goals! Now the MUSIC vibes - I get us pumped up to hard and heavy beats all in the BEST way. Be prepared to party on that bike with moments of attitude and moodiness (we all need to be in our feels at least once a day). In my classes, we focus on individuality and team work; getting what you need personally out of the ride while also sharing the energy with everyone in the room! Get ready to sweat and have fun <3

What's your why?

My why is to spend my time doing what brings me joy. It also means bringing happiness and positivity to those around me!

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Favourites Activities

spending time outside (dog walks, skiing, hiking, camping, etc)! I also like to watch movies and curl up with my switch listening to chill edm!

Favourite Music

Rufus du sol, Elderbrook, Tswift, Jon Summit, Kaskade

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University District

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