Stephen Cavanagh

  • Hockey Boy
  • Firefighter
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What's your why?

I was really drawn into the spin culture because of its high energy, the positive vibe, the flashy lights, and that amazing uplifting feeling every time I left that room. I love the fact that we are all different people with different fitness levels and different intentions in the room as to why we spin and but we all come together in the room to ride as one. What I like most when teaching a class is that I am able to share the energy in the room with other members of the Bikergang to create such a powerful ride

Favourites Activities

Weightlifting, playing hockey, going out for dinner and drinks, leg wrestling, lounging on a beach, family time, playing with my dog Cooper.

Favourite Music

Sushi, pizza, my Grandma's shepherds pie, my mom's cheese potatoes, ice cream, cheese whiz mixed with salsa and chips, iced tea, beer...lots of beer, and pretty much any spirit. Oh and I guess water.

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Marda Loop | Kensington

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