Sophie McLean


  • I like to create a space that everyone can feel comfortable to let go; let go of the daily struggles. LOVE hot and heavy climbs and jogs that make you want to just dance on the inside. Heavy bass drops and rave music is all me.

What's your why?

Spin got me through the hardest year of my life. I found peace in knowing there was a community and a space to get me through the things I shouldn’t have to do alone. I want to be able to give that hope to anyone else who struggles or has struggled in the past.

Favourites Activities

I love to read a lot! Being creative is in my nature and comes out mostly with my clothing company. I spend a lot of time designing, researching and creating artwork and ideas for my brand. Travel and snowboarding are a very happy place for me!

Favourite Music

Golden Features, Mike, Zach Bryan, Kygo, Dom Dolla , Banks , Elderbrook

Find me at

University District | Marda Loop

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