Sara Chan

  • Persuader of Positivity
  • Espresso Enthusiast
  • Late Night Snacker
  • Connection Seeker
  • OOTD Pic Addict

What's your why?

Inspired by the people around me who share the same energy as I do, and having a place where we can all share the same passion and push each other pass our limits excites me even more #PositiveVibes. I’m all about the domino effect; when someone inspires me I want to give that exact feeling to someone else. It brings me joy that these four walls at YYC Cycle create an environment where you can escape from anything outside and just focus on what's happening inside.

Favourites Activities

Watching Reality TV, Scrolling through Tik Tok, Board Game Nights

Favourite Music

Chip lover, especially salt & vinegar and Sushi!

Find me at

Marda Loop | Kensington | West Springs | University District

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