Maddy Kehler

  • Empathy
  • Eats peppers like apples
  • Personified sunshine
  • Oddly specific playlists
  • Be kinder than you feel

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I am inspired by showing up and being seen for all of who you are - smiles to tears to everything in between. Outside of the four walls of spin, life can be crazy (and in the room it gets a little dance crazy too), but spin is the place where it is you and the bike doing the darn thing. Vulnerability is cool and just by showing up is beautiful. Big proponent of we don’t need easy, we just need possible. All I want is for everyone to leave my class feeling empowered that they showed up and did it cause you can do all things. Bonus points to if you sweat more then me in class!


Napping or Skiing

Digestive cookies or all-dressed chips MHMM.

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