Maddy Kehler

  • The theme of my class is always fun. The goal is that you can leave feeling so proud of yourself for doing the thing with a sweaty smile on your face! If it’s your 1st class or 500th class, I give lots of options with simple choreo to make sure that everyone finds what their own definition of success is and meets it with great flying colours. In the words of Bethany Hamilton: we don’t need easy, we just need possible. I like to take us on a rollercoaster by finding mostly slow valleys in climbs and a few quick peaks in intervals (or sometimes jogs but don’t expect too many of these with me, ha). I also love tunes with strong beats and lyrics so you can let yourself get lost in the music!! If you are feeling good post-class, nothing makes me feel better.

What's your why?

For so much of my life I felt that I was always trying to meet the expectations of the world in order to feel that I was welcome and worthy in all spaces. I spin because it’s my happy place where the only expectations in that room are the ones I set for myself. I get to show up authentically me. It became my safe space where I got to be myself that now I have taken with me outside of the spin room too to live in authentic joy. I teach to create that same inclusive space for others where you get to fall in love with movement, yourself, and find what success feels like to you! If that’s adding in more on the dial, taking your dips at 4, sitting and pedalling it out during a jog, or rocking some bonus work during an interval - it’s all about what sparks joy!!

Favourites Activities

Spending time with my family + friends, cheering on the oilers, reading a good book, grabbing nachos at Banquet, and skiing!!

Favourite Music

Big top 40s pop and country girl with Taylor Swift, Tate McRae, Sabrina Carpenter, Morgan Wallen, Kelsea Ballerini, plus some sprinkles of EDM remixes & when a theme ride permits anything Broadway

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