Kay LaBerge

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What's your why?

By authenticity. By people who dance to their own beat. By my girls. By growth. By the power of the possible. By showing up. By realness. By love. By community. By people who try.

Finding ways to live my own truth in everything I do has become my mission. YYC has been this amazing place where I’ve been able to foster this in so many different ways and I’m so grateful for it! To so many people spin is a great workout and that’s true (and also great!) but for me, my journey on the bike has been so much more as I leave the spin room feeling empowered, emboldened and refreshed every time. If one other person leaves my class feeling like that one time, ever, I’ll be satisfied!

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Favourites Activities

Coffee shop sittin’. Catan. Furniture Shopping. Spin. Halloween. Live Music. Hot Yoga. Camping. Road Trips. Family time.

Favourite Music

Apple pie. Caesar Salad. Hot wings. Apple Crisp. Whatever’s on tap. Apple cake. Coffee: One cream + half sug. Apple Croissants.

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