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What's your why?

I love this quote from Russell Westbrook: "'They say a lot of things. Don't do 'they'. Do you." It's a little reminder to embrace every part of the incredible, amazing, completely unique badass that is you. And when we've all shown up together in that room, to rise above a challenge, enjoying the adventure of it all, and get to meet a heavy beat drop with a room full of woo's - that's my favourite.

My favourite workout feels come from the sessions that have pushed me, empowered me, kept me smiling (even if I'm cursing the moment) and left me feeling a little lighter than when I started. That's the vibe we're after in our rides together - work hard, get sweaty, be damn proud.

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dog park playdates + cycle sessions + outdoor adventures + basketball season

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craft brew + extra guac

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