Emma Barile

  • Caffeine addict
  • Knowledge seeker
  • Certified weirdo
  • Professional giggler
  • Sentiment junkie

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I am inspired by growth. I love the presence and determination in challenging yourself mentally and physically on the bike. Whether it’s pushing just a little bit harder, stepping out of that comfort zone, or just showing up in the first place, you’ve made a choice with intention to grow. To me, growth is about focusing on the steps, the process and the small wins, rather than just the end goal. There’s so much value in the journey, it’s not just a means to an end. I’ve come to know that really appreciating and using the moments of struggle as fuel act as proof that we’re becoming stronger, more resilient people. I truly believe that the only way out is through, so I hope to push you to overcome your biggest mental and physical challenges as we ride it out on the bike. Let’s get comfortable being uncomfortable.

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Café Hangs. Dinner Dates. Reading. Hiking. Road Tripping. Belly Laughing. Learning. Just Being.

Sushi. Fresh Baked Goods. All the Coffee. Pizza. Pasta. Red Wine. Brunch.

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