Danny Jamieson


  • My class is challenging yet attainable, with variations offered on the way so Bikergang always feel like they're in control. My second-to-last track is always a Slow Climb, with the lights down and the music up, so Bikergang can take time and space to FEEL!

What's your why?

Fitness to me as always been as much mental as it is physical, so every time I step onto the podium, I want to give our Bikergang an experience that's going to leave them feeling better than when they walked in; that's my 'why'!

Favourites Activities

I'm a not-so-secret 'superfan' of the the Real Housewives, so I typically spending my spare time catching up on the latest episodes or revisiting some of my long-time favourites.

Favourite Music

Taylor Swift, Maggie Rogers, Dermot Kennedy, Tones & I

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