Cat Motley


  • energetic, upbeat and full of dancing. I love a catchy remix with a beat drop

What's your why?

I want to help people build habits that benefit not only their physical health but also their mental health. Life can be so chaotic and my goal is to create a space where people always feel welcome, supported and heard no matter what is going on for them outside the spin room. Spin also has 3 things I love most: music, connection and a heavy endorphin boost!

Favourites Activities

-taking care of my plants
-workout with friends
-experimenting with new recipes
-sitting on a patio with a hazy IPA
-anything I get to do with friends or family!

Favourite Music

For spin classes I love dance/house music from a variety of artists! Outside of the spin room you can find me listening to artists like Mumford and Sons or Mating Ritual.

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