Andrew Boyce

  • Big Time Sweater
  • Brain Explorer
  • Mushroom Soup Enthusiast
  • Double Bubble Hoarder
  • Pinball Wizard

What's your why?

Hard work, resilience, and a good sweat. I’m inspired by getting back at it after a tough loss, a failed experiment, or even just a stubbed toe. I’m inspired by work ethic, that inner drive to keep on fighting, stay positive, and push through the really gritty stuff. Finally, I’m inspired by a sweaty smile at the end of class and a good old-fashioned high-five.

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Favourites Activities

Time with my family, a good run in the woods, SCIENCE, seeing new places, and a perfect swish from the free throw line.

Favourite Music

Miso soup, negronis, vanilla milkshakes, fried rice, and a frosty pint.

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