Amanda Tyndall


  • My class is full of grimy, wobbly beats that have heavy and hard drops. Basically, I am a big fan of EDM. I love hitting fast intervals and sinking into a nice long jog. I also love finishing a class with a mesmerizing climb in the dark to reflect on ourselves and push ourselves more than our last class.

What's your why?

I found spin when I was studying for my Board exams. I was so stressed and needed something that I could throw myself into without thinking about genetics. It definitely worked! Little did I know that those four walls would be so powerful they allowed me to pass my exams but then save my life months later. Even though my first class was an absolute disaster feeling so uncoordinated, totally off beat the whole time, completely out of breath, and sweating like crazy, after class I felt like I could conquer anything! I hope that everyone who comes to my class feels inspired and confident like I do after a spin class. The community within those four walls brings many different people together from many walks of life but have a similar goal of bettering themselves. I am inspired by everyone who walks through those doors and challenges themselves on this journey called life to become more than they could ever have imagined. I am so excited to celebrate our strength, commitment, and passion together as a community.

Favourites Activities

My favourite thing to do in my spare time is to hangout with my dog - we volunteer together at hospitals providing pet therapy and go on bike rides together. I also like to downhill ski and hike but nothing is more rewarding than a bubble bath after a busy day. I love to cook, but I HATE baking! I love trying new recipes and sharing my food with my friends and family.

Favourite Music

Rezz, RL Grime, GEN.KLOUD, Dr. Fresch, ZABO, FETISH, Blanke, Deathpact, One True God, Kx5, deadmau5, Whipped cream

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Marda Loop | University District

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