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Hey Bikergang, you are awesome. We wanted to take some time to share a few reasons why we are so GRATEFUL for you. ⁠

Y O U R   R E S I L I E N C Y   
You've shown us that there's absolutely nothing we can't tackle together. Over the last few days, we've seen just how strong and resilient our community is. As our riders continue to show up, cheer each other on with elbow bumps, toe taps, big smiles and full hearts! The energy you bring through our doors is inspiring. ⁠

Y O U R   T E A M W O R K 
Creating a safe space to sweat takes teamwork. We raise our water-bottles and air cheers to so many of you who have taken proactive measures by staying home to rest, re-scheduling rides, and putting passes on hold if need be. Our incredible staff have been working around the clock to insure every proactive measure is taken to keep our studios as clean, healthy and safe for you, and we are so grateful for your help and support in this!⁠

Y O U R   L O V E    F O R  C O M M U N I T Y 
To all of our Bikergang who continue to show-up, celebrate health, wellbeing and movement, we are so grateful for your community spirit. When we come together to find release from the world outside our doors, we see that we're stronger together and better for the connection + magic that happens inside our studio. ⁠

In case you're curious, here are a few further measures we're taking to be proactive as we continue to keep a close pulse on COVID-19: 

Between-Class Bike Deep Cleans will be taking place on all uses bikes between classes to insure you have the best experience. 

Air-Cheersing our Waterbottles will be happening at the end of class as opposed to contact cheersing. 

Elbows + Toe-Taps will replace high-fives and fist bumps for the time being. 

Extra Spin Wipes will be available for any riders who would like them. 

Communal Items (ex: facewipes, bobby pins, gum, hair ties, Q-tips) will be temporarily removed from our studios. 

Remember to be KIND, supportive and next time you bump elbows with someone, show them some LOVE. <3 

P.S. Who's coming out to celebrate with us this Sunday?!