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Studio Update - Sept.15th/2021

As of Wednesday, September 15th, 2021, we will be requiring proof of full vaccination in order to participate in spin classes at YYC Cycle Spin Studios. 

Safety and Inclusivity are two of our biggest pillars, but with continued concern surrounding the 4th wave of COVID-19, we have decided to defer to Safety as the primary focus for the time being. It is apparent to us, that with the reality of rising COVID cases, less and less people may be comfortable in riding in our studios without a guarantee of riders next to them having the most effective protection in place with full vaccination. With this, it is our responsibility to cater to our community in providing the greatest level of comfort and protection when they use our services.

We will accept verification of full vaccination (two doses) with the options listed below (both digitally and on paper), so long as it lists your full name on the document. We will require a government issued Photo ID in tandem with this to verify identity. We will only ask to verify your vaccination on your first visit (you may provide this before the 15th if you wish) at which point we will make a note on your account that your vaccination has been verified. We will not be keeping or holding on to any customers health documentation.

  • An Alberta Health vaccination paper documentation or receipt for 2nd shot,

  • Official Immunization record from any provincial health authority

  • MyAlberta Digital ID vaccination record

  • An equivalent document of vaccination verifications from another province or country 

Please note that we will also be providing exemptions for individuals unable to be vaccinated due to legitimate underlying medical reasons. In this case, we will require a signed letter from their Western Medical Doctor stating their professional advice that the individual should not receive the vaccination at this time due to an underlying health condition (we do not require detail for the condition, just the medical professionals advice). This letter will be forwarded to the YYC Cycle leadership in for verification and will not be accepted at the front desk. You can email if you qualify for this exemption.