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Love for Lewiston: Riding High Above the YYC Skyline

It could have been a very different first birthday for Lewiston on May 25, 2017. Though through tragedy, he would not be there for his first birthday the Olstads chose to make it a day of celebration of his short but influential life. His message of “squeezing a little tighter, loving a little deeper and dancing a little longer" was one they knew needed to be extended to the world.


Lewiston was born with SMA - Type 1 (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) and was only able to share his time with his loving family for six short months. But three years later and Lewiston is still sharing his light with the Olstads and with the world. With his passing his family breathed life into the Love for Lewiston Foundation that has raised awareness for SMA, encouraged progress for a treatment, and aided families emotionally and financially who have faced the same struggles.

For the Olstads, the question ‘'what now? ’is much more meaningful than questioning ‘'why’ and it is one that has brought the community into the folds of the Love for Lewiston Foundation and helped accomplish incredible goals.

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On June 22nd, Love for Lewiston has another goal to crush: To make Ride the Roof with YYC Cycle and Tree Era on top of the Marriot Hotel even more epic and amazing than the last two years. It may be biased of us to say, but there is no better, no bigger celebration of love so high in the YYC sky and we can't wait to shout it, well to the rooftops!!

125 bikes, 3 chances, a garden party and live music? This event is one for the books! We don't need lights to chase down these tracks, because though it may sound cheesy, our love for Lewiston, for our community and our environment is what will light up the sky.

Proceeds from the event will all go towards Love for Lewiston, as well as Tree Era who are keeping our beautiful world green and healthy one tree at a time. An extra special shout out goes to Porsche and Glenmore Audi for partnering with us for this rooftop celebration and helping us race towards our shared goals.


We can't wait to see you there, YYC! And if you haven't hopped onto one of our waitlists yet, click here!