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This weekend YYC Cycle turns five! Five years of growth, community and celebrating each other, none of which we could have done without you, our amazing Bikergang.

To celebrate our big day on March 17th, we’re bringing some amazing ‘treat yo’self’ style local brands like Calgary Heritage Roasting Co, Skoah and Pies Plus to the party. And what a party it will be! $10 drop-in classes all day, with an extended spin schedule at all three studios and 20-30% off all studio merch! Oh yeah, you read that right. 


Oh and we’re forgetting the best part! We're giving away 10% off Coupons for the new BIKERGANG BREW from our friends at Cold Garden at the studios so after you’ve gotten your hover on it’s time to grab you’re Lager (it’s actually a Wit but we do this for the rhyme!)


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To celebrate five years with our Bikergang we would like to introduce you to six of our riders who constantly bring life, light and a whole lot of sweat to class.  


Kim Karpenko


Kim says she loves how each class feels like going to a nightclub and that she has seen herself and her interest in fitness grow. “Spin unlocked this whole aspect of life I had never been exposed to... now I’m doing spin, and boxing and trying new things, which is really cool as an adult.”



Joel Gwillim


Joel is one of our incredible 6am warriors who’s in the door and greeting familiar faces often before the sun even rises. “I’ve gotten so many different things out of so many different classes that were just needed for that day in specific … you don’t just come and work out and leave, you come and unwind and let your thoughts control you or go.”



Connie Desousa

Connie says it’s not just the workout that keeps her coming back each week, it’s the culture of community and the people you get to meet. “it’s not only the motivators that are motivating us to try harder and do better but it’s each other. I love walking into the studio and seeing familiar faces  and throwing high fives and I’ve actually made friends at the studio.”



Maggie Bell - Motivator Mama


Maggie is one of our amazing #MotivatorMamas and a rockstar in the studio, she’s in 5-7 times making new friends at the studio and working hard on the bike!

“None of these motivators are easy on you by any means, they always encourage you to do what you can do. I know when I first started I wasn’t always on time to the rhythm and the music. Now I always get ‘Hey Maggie’ or ‘Right on today’ which is really nice because I’ve been working hard at it and I enjoy it.”


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Caryn Mann


Caryn is a Bikergang superstar, known for being in class nearly every day and killing it on the bike, we love seeing her come through our doors!

 She loves how spinning is a mind wipe to start her day or during her afternoon break, “I have a busy job and am fortunate enough to sneak away for an hour and a half for lunch. Just to clear my mind, you know you get in there and you focus."


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Tara Mahony


Tara is a true light in the studios she’s high energy, big love and killer dance moves even before getting on the bike.

Her first class hooked her with the energy and vibe, “Everybody is so jacked on life, you can’t come here and not be stoked. I’ve come here and I’ve been in the worst mood and I do a class and I’m like ‘I don’t even know what I was pissed about, am a new me. New spin class, new me what’s up?’”