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Black History Month - Creating a Legacy, by Alyssa Mcvee

B l a c k  H i s t o r y  M o n t h 

Creating a Legacy

By, Alyssa McVee

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Imagine walking into a room, looking at all the faces, and realizing not a single one looks like yours. That your peers, your teachers, and your community welcomes you, but they don’t necessarily REFLECT you.

That’s often how it feels being a Black woman in fitness. I’m not saying we’re not here, but it’s sometimes rare to see yourself reflected in your regular classes and activities.

I think that’s part of the drive for being here, on the podium, sharing the room with the Bikergang. I want that university student, that parent, that older individual to look across the aisle, and see someone who reflects them. The part of themselves they may hide, the part of themselves that feels like it’s missing in the big mirror of society. Every space, every class, every room needs our diverse perspectives and experiences in it. This room always welcomes you. I want you here, and you will be seen, valued and safe to show up exactly as you are.

Representation is so important, but only when it’s backed by lasting change and action. I plan to pave the way for every little black child after me. For every larger person after me. For everyone who believes they don’t belong somewhere: you do. These spaces need you. Do not stop breaking into them. And for those who have the spaces: don’t stop inviting people into them.


You don’t need to be extraordinary to leave a legacy.


In honour of Black History Month, here are some local organizations you can support, or if you are black identifying, find community in: