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I am truly inspired by every single person that walks through the doors to the studio. The hardest part is showing up, and the commitment that every person makes inspires me more than words can really say. I am driven by the people who show up on their best day, their worst day and everywhere in between. I am fueled by the people who carve 50 minutes out of their lives to commit to their own personal growth and journey. Every single person who walks through those doors encourages me to show up and commit, and I am forever grateful for this powerful community.

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Quoting Michael Scott, Science!, Carpool Karaoke, My Cats, Everything New Zealand, Going to bed at 8:30 pm and waking up with an imprint of a book on my face, Road Cycling

Aperol Spritz(es), Waffles, A rich&dark pour over, Anything at Cold Garden (#sponsored?), Vegan Lychee Rose from Village Ice Cream, Cereal at 2 am

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