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I’m inspired by the community at YYC Cycle. As a long time bikergang member and now minted Motivator, I know the power and energy that comes out of that room. There are many instances in life where you’ll be surrounded by strangers – the grocery line, an airport, the bus. However, there’s nothing quite like the strangers at YYC. Everyone has their own “why”. Why they showed up that day, that time, sat on that bike and how they approach each class. Everyone’s ‘why’ is so individual and so powerful and I think that’s one of the coolest parts of being human. We’re all walking around with our own lives and have fleeting moments to impact those around us. I’m inspired by the fact that 50 minutes can be one of those fleeting moments and that stranger sitting next to you can turn into you community


Sailing, swimming, canoeing – anything with water – sleeping in, long phone calls with friends, reading in the sun, wintery walks, quoting bad movies, listening to 70’s music

Pho, sushi, ramen, G&Ts, vodka sauce on anything, pad thai, fresh citrus and stone fruits, flødeboller, ALL things Made By Marcus

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