Mackenzie Allen

  • Mom-dancer
  • Weekend-warrior
  • People-admirer
  • Challenge-lover
  • Popcorn-connoisseur

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The opportunity to change someone’s day. I want people to look forward to their workout and feel like they are a part of a community and something bigger than themselves. Being a motivator at YYC Cycle gives me a platform and a bike to do this. I want people to actually have fun being healthy and enjoy becoming the best versions of themselves. Creating a space where our Bikergang can do this is what really jacks me up… Oh and the music is pretty badass too.


Hanging with my friends and family, Drink Coffee, Volleyball, Coach, Spin/bike, Ski, Anything in the Mountains, Travel, Read, Movies, Drink Wine, Hit the Club, Dance, and Brunch

The 4P Diet – Pizza, Popcorn, Pasta, and Pepsi! But also Ramen, Coffee, Wine, Caesars, Bennies and the occasional Snickers bar or 5 cent candy.

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