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What inspires me inside our studio is the same as what inspires me beyond those four walls: vulnerability, passion, and happiness. Every week I look forward to shakin’ the sh*t outta those four walls with a dedicated crew willing to step outside their comfort zone to make something amazing happen. How you ride your bike is how you live your life. Spin has never been about pushing pedals for me; it’s always about putting one foot in front of the other. Where else do you get to share a space with a room full of people all moving towards the same goal? There is nothing more motivating (and humbling) than being part of someone’s smile.

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Board Games, Sweat Dates, Brunch, Harry Potter, Hiking, Watching hours of Beyoncé videos, Is Netflexing a thing? It is now.

Una’s kale caesar salad, Una’s pizza, all of Una, Sushi, A&W bacon & egger, all the spicy yum!

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