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I am inspired by the little moments, those times when you pause and really get to experience something. That second when you go outside and realize it is beautiful out, or when you look over at someone and see them smiling to themselves and you get to share that perfect moment of their happiness. I am inspired by the times when you pull up next to someone at a red light and they are dancing in the drivers seat. That moment in a spin class when you think you simply cannot keep going and somehow make it through. I am inspired by the everyday joys in the world. I love seeing people break through in their own little moments and that is one of the most inspiring things I can think of.


I love getting out and exploring, whether that means my own backyard (hitting up the mountains), travelling to the rest of Canada, or exploring new (or old) countries and cultures, you can almost always find me day dreaming about my next adventure.

I love chocolate. It’s definitely my go to, especially a mars bar.

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