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The desire to create the space and energy for you to expand, to feel alive, to go deeper, and to feel better than when you showed up. I am all about the moments on the bike when everything else disappears, your eyes are shut, and you go somewhere inside yourself you haven’t been to in a long time. That’s where you grow. That’s where you shine.

I want you to come to my class and feel so aware of and in tune with how special and powerful the fifty minutes we have together are. I want you to take the energy we collectively make, let it into your heart and lungs, and walk out feeling stronger, more alive, and more connected to the community around you.

I believe in the magic of spin. The movement to the beat. The sweat. The tears. The chills. The connection. The heartbeat and pulse. The electricity and the transformation."


Ridin bikes (inside or outside), camping with my fam, eating.

Anything tater tot. Anything oreo.

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West Springs | University District | Marda Loop

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