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Got it From Our Mamas... Happiest Mother's Day!

There are so many people who help shape us as we become the people we are today but not many as special as the ones who have guided us since we came into this world and have loved us ever since. Today we celebrate our Motivator Mamas, Mama Motivators and all the other amazing mothers out there! We love you, we are so grateful for you and today we want to let you know how much.


Motivator Mamas

Some of our Motivator’s have introduced their mom’s to spin and now have a permanent cheerleader not only in life but also in class! Meet some of our amazing Motivator Mamas and get ready to tear up when you hear what our MOs have to say about what they love most about them


Lexi & Maggy 

My favourite thing about my mom is her endless support and love for me. Through successes and failures my mom is always there with open arms and a helping hand. I am everything that I am today because of her love and guidance. Thanks mom for everything


Victoria & Lorraine

My favourite thing about my mom is that she is the strongest, most caring person you have ever met. She approaches life with such positivity and can always switch your mood around with one single hug. She absolutely loves love and watching anyone and everyone around her be passionate about something brings her the most joy and honour that she is able to be a part of their lives. My mom always says, "I am your biggest fan" and that I chose her for a reason. Mom, Happy Mother's Day because there is no other mom like you out there and I would always choose you. I love you.


Jessica & Marg

My favorite thing about my mom is her resilience. She’s been a single parent for a long time now, but that never stopped her from giving my brother and I the best possible upbringing that she could. She is our biggest supporter and cheerleader! Plus, she makes a really good brunch!


Andrew & Shirley


One of my favorite things about my mom is her relentless positivity and strength. She’s the original Motivator in my world.

Mama Motivators


Our Motivators come from all walks of life including parenthood! Among our motivators are some fabulous, strong and amazing moms who are practiced at giving their kids direction and support so it’s no wonder they ALWAYS kill it on the bikes. A few of our Mama Motivators gave us the T on why they love being a mom, and spoiler alert...more waterworks coming your way!


Kay and her trio

My favourite thing about being a mom is the three little people who made me one! Having three kids can be absolute chaos and it can feel like all I do is run at full speed but every now and again we get a quiet moment where time truly slows down and I am able to appreciate them in a way I can't actually put into words. When one of them learns something new, has an amazing idea, accomplishes a goal, or just snuggles in a perfect way. Those are the moments I live for as a mom


Lisa and her boys

What I love most about being a Mom is watching my boys grow into kind-hearted, independent, and strong young men, and sharing in their journey along the way. As a Mom, we are many things to our children: Nurturer, supporter, listener, motivator, friend, advocate, and sometimes even a referee (no one likes being in the penalty box), but that is what makes the journey so interesting and special, you just never know what each day will bring.


Jay and her family


We love and cherish all the mothers who walk through our doors each day and we have a hug for each and every one of you this day and every other one! Give your mom a hug, give your kids a kiss and know that all that love that in the air today, well we know who we got it from ;)